We understand the desire to be self-sufficient all too well. Businesses may be tempted to handle their data collection in-house to save costs. But self-collections may not be the best use of your time and resources. This blog post will provide some insight into why seeking outside services may improve your business’s bottom line.

No Longer Necessary or Recommended

Self-collecting of data is not a recommended best practice and continues to trend toward being a bad idea overall. There are a few reasons for this. Even the best and brightest staff may not have the necessary expertise to handle certain types of data collection. This can lead to errors and incomplete data, which naturally lead to less efficient practices and potential legal consequences that can hurt your case. Leave your staff to do what they do best, and seek outside services to handle the collection.

Additionally, self-collections continue to face disfavor in the courts and open your process up to more time-consuming and costly litigation. Allowing your clients to identify the documents they think you need creates the potential for human error and, even worse, the possibility for them to hide damaging evidence that opposing counsel will uncover from a different source. Outside collection resources provide much-needed neutrality and ensure that all data is collected in compliance with legal requirements and industry standards. 

Risk of Data Mishandling

In a world where data is becoming increasingly more varied and complex, the potential for mishandling continues to rise, leaving your business open to the possibility of having to go back and recollect much or all of the data. Professional data collection services have the technical expertise to manage the collection and processing of this data into a format that is capable of efficient review. All data is handled securely and is streamlined for compliance in multiple jurisdictions. This can also save you the time and money of implementing training programs for data security practices that go beyond what is necessary for your staff to do their jobs effectively.

Potential Cost Savings
While self-collection may appear to be a cost-saving measure, time is money, and collecting the relevant data and documentation takes a ton of time. Handling all data collection in-house is an undeniably time-consuming process that requires extensive research, expertise, and staffing. Your personnel budget may be better used toward projects that will help you achieve your business goals. Save your valuable time, energy, and money for what matters to you most.

Even if your team is fairly efficient and capable of self-collecting data, your company may be able to better utilize that time and energy for business-critical needs. Data mishandling or lack of experience can end up hurting not only your bank account but also your reputation and relationship with the courts. At Bright Line Counsel, we offer professional data collection services that ensure that all data is collected securely and complies with all relevant laws and regulations. Call (513) 270-8444 today for a consultation to learn about how our data collection services can benefit your business.